Helping Your Child Deal with Divorce

4-Hour Florida Parenting Class Online – DCF Approved

Florida Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course
For Divorces With Children in Florida

Online    –     At Your Own Pace  –    With Built-In Timer

 Certificate of Completion Sent by Email (at no Extra Cost to You)4hr-florida-parenting-class-divorce-paternity

How to start right now:

  1.    Take the course online, day or night.
  2.    Take it at your own pace, log on/off is ok. 
  3.    Built-in time keeps track of your time

When you are done, you get your certificate by Email, which you must file with the Court to show you’ve done the course.

Each parent must take the course and provide the certificate to the court.

4 Hour Florida Divorce Parenting Class – $23.95

If you’re like most parents facing a divorce, helping your child deal with divorce is one of your top priorities. It can also be a stressful and difficult thing to do because you’re also facing some challenges of your own at the same time.

But children are not able to cope with divorce as quickly or as well as an adult can, and learning about what you can do from the start is a good way for you to give them some stability as quickly as possible.

Since now you and your spouse will have to parent your children together while living apart, it is also a good idea for you to learn some  tips to help you do that, just in case there are rough patches between you and the other parent as you share the parenting of your child after the divorce is finished.

Fortunately there is a option already in place for you as you go through your divorce that costs a lot less than counseling for you and/or your children to help them deal with your divorce. This option is the Florida 4-hour parenting class, required in all divorces with children. The class is required at the start of a divorce because courts recognize that families need all the help they can get to stabilize themselves as they start the divorce process and beyond.

Some people see this as just one more requirement to get their divorce done–and that’s a mistake.  This class can provide you real benefits if you invest the time to digest the information and put it to work to help your child deal with the situation.

Gain skills for helping your child deal with divorce:

  • Effective ways to help you manage or prevent conflicts with the other parent during and after a divorce.
  • How to protect your children from the negative effects of divorce.
  • Techniques on how to explain divorce to your child, according to his or her age and level of maturity.
  • Methods to deal with the resentment and fear your child may feel while the divorce is going on  and afterwards.

Besides helping you satisfy the court requirement, the course offers you an opportunity to  acquire overall, enduring positive parenting skills.

Each parent in a divorce or paternity case in Florida must complete the Florida divorce parenting class (see Section 61.21, Florida Statutes).

This is a 4 hour florida divorce parenting class is approved by the State of Florida’s Dept. of Children and Families for this purpose.

The online course featured here was designed by Dr. Stephen Mayville, a licensed clinical psychologist; and is for parents going through a divorce to learn these techniques while at the same time satisfying the court requirements for the Florida divorce parenting class.

4 Hour Florida Divorce Parenting Class – $23.95

 More on the Benefits of the Florida 4-hour divorce parenting class

Among other things, Dr. Mayville discusses effective ways you, as a parent, can manage conflict with the other parent, which will not only help you but obviously the children as well; and how to insulate children from the negative aspects of divorce.  Depending on your situation, these issues are usually hot issues at the start of a divorce with children.

You also learn age-appropriate techniques to explain the situation to a child; as well as how to deal with new relationships that each parent may develop in the future. 

In addition to the court-required material, Dr. Mayville provides extra, bonus materials that do not add to the four-hour time requirement; but do provide additional, valuable information to help you move beyond the divorce situation with related issues. 

You may not be crazy about spending time reading, listening or watching additional material beyond what the statute requires to be covered, especially in the middle of a divorce.  But, that is exactly why this course has added value–because it goes beyond the basics needed to be covered just to get the certificate.

What’s more, if you’re interested, you have other resources available at no extra charge such as:

  • audio downloads for stress management
  • ebook on reward systems for children, and
  • a bonus course on step-families

You may be wondering about the bonus course on step-families when you are just about to finish going through a divorce.  But the thing is that chances are you will form a blended family later, whether you remarry or simply form a bond with someone else without getting married.

Both parents in a divorce or a paternity case must take the class.  This doesn’t mean they must attend together–each can take it on their own. This may be a relief for you to know since, depending on the situation, communication between you and the other parent may be strained.

Once you to take the course, make sure to file the certificate of completion with the court.  The court can hold any parent in contempt for failure to take the course since it is a requirement in the divorce or paternity case.

Independent of the requirements imposed by law, you learn how to deal with children’s emotions in the context of such emotionally-loaded situations as a divorce or legal action involving children. As the Statute recognizes, “Parents are more likely to consider the best interests of their children when determining parental arrangements if courts provide families with information regarding the process by which courts make decisions on issues affecting their children and suggestions as to how parents may ease the coming adjustments in family structure for their children.” Section 61.21(1)(b).

The class still takes 4 hours online; but, mercifully, you don’t have to spend one block of 4 hours doing it.  You can do it at your own pace and a timer keeps track of your time for purposes of getting to the 4 hours.  The certificate is sent to you by email mail once you complete the course.

The Statute requires this class to be taken within the first 45 days after the divorce or paternity action has been filed with the Court. But that’s not the real reason to take this course as soon as you can–the real reason to take it as early as possible is to be able to do what you can to help your child deal with the divorce as soon as you can.

Good luck to you and your family as you work on these issues.  

Enroll in the Divorce Parenting Class – $23.95